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In Print

I have been very lucky to have had some of my photographs in print and online. Please have a look and follow the links!

Perfect Puffins

In May 2017, I visited the Farne Islands in Northumbria. It was a trip I had been looking forward to for ages. The visit was all

I imagined and more, with great weather, great birds (including dive bombing artic terns) and wonderful company.

This is one of the first photos I took when I got off the boat. I still had shaky legs as I climbed up the steps. Just at the top  there was gathered these happy faces to welcome us to their home. Fortunately, for me the light was fantastic. I decided to get down low and get as much as the background as I could. Just as I pressed the trigger down one more puffin decided to photobomb the shot.

I entered this photo in RSPB magazine 'Natures Home' Photo of the Week competition. They said "I love a good puffin photo. They bring me such a sense of joy. That’s why this week I’ve chosen Kevin Brown’s photo from The Farne Islands. There are so many friendly puffin faces sat upon those rocks and I want to say hello to all of them!"

Here is the link to their blog: 



Frodo and the Butterfly

In September 2014, I had a wonderful trip to the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey as part of my birthday present. The centre is focussed on conserving British species of wildlife and educating the public about the wide range of creatures just outside their door.


While listening to a talk about foxes, I zoomed in to get a close up on the legendary fox, Frodo (He is the fox on Epsom printing cartridges). While I was focussing a butterfly (a speckled wood) landed on his nose. Frodo stood still like a statue while he took in what had happened. When I returned home I sent the image to the Centre's Head Keeper and he posted a blog about it. He said "This is one of those, dare I say it... magical moments. I would have loved to of seen it with my own eyes, and was so hoping that someone managed to get a photograph of it, so you can imagine how excited I was when I looked on Flick yesterday and came across these amazing photos by Kevin Brown."


Here is the link to the blog: 


I went on to enter the photograph in the Centre's annual photography competition. I was so pleased that it came runner  up in the category. The judge said "It could only be one... I think this is a fantastic photograph, and of all the photos I have seen over the past year, the one I wish I witnessed with my own eyes. A butterfly landing on the end of Frodo's nose... a one in a million thing to see, and to capture it on camera was a great job. Nice one Kevin!" 

Here is the link: 


As part of the competition my picture of Frodo also made it on to a national papers website. They said about the photo "Kevin Brown cleverly captured the moment a butterfly landed on a fox's nose"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-2911709/The-wildlife-s-garden-Photo-contest-highlights-best-British-nature-stoats-otters-cheeky-red-squirrels.html#ixzz58PbOtBZ0



Rare Wonders: Pasqueflowers

Over the last few years I have tried to challenge myself to learn something new each year. For 2018, I decided to discover more about wildflowers. This has really opened my eyes to a whole new world and now wherever I go I spot a bloom poking out. 


In April, I headed over to one of our local nature reserves, Barnack Hills and Holes, which has a SSSI for its flora. One of it's rarest blooms is the pasqueflower. It has magnificent purple flowers with bright yellow stamen. The reserve is full of these rare wonders and I wanted to get to a sense of their fragility in this shot.

Luckily this picture was chosen by BBC Wildlife Magazine as their online photo of the week. 'They said Our #photooftheweek is by Kevin Brown in Barnack, who photographed this beautiful pasqueflowers'


Here is the link to the tweet: 



Gathering Gannets

Growing up in Yorkshire, we always had summer trips to the East Coast. I have fond memories of  building sands castles on the Bridlington beach, licking ice creams and paddling in the sea. As I got older, we started to take boat cruises along the coast and taking in the spectacular views of the nesting birds on the cliff.


I still like to head to the coast when I get chance. This year I had a wander through the magnificent Bempton Cliffs reserve. It was wonderful watching the gannets sore along the cliff tops and then glide to their partners. Here I captured the moment one of the birds returned to its mate. I loved the symmetry of the two birds as the looked out to sea.

This photograph was included in Nature's Home Autumn 2018 'Your View' photograph section.



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